1) American liberty and personal freedom. Human beings and American citizens have an unalienable natural right to use plants of their choice. Prosecution for possession of natural plants shall become the lowest law enforcement priority of the city of Ann Arbor, and city funds may not be used for this purpose.

2) Personal and spiritual growth. These plants can catalyze profound experiences which prove to be of lasting benefit.

Johns Hopkins Achievements

Good Friday Experiment

3) Safety. Except for a few specific contraindications psychedelic plant drugs are extraordinarily safe and non-addictive.

4) Assistance to end addictions. Entheogenic plants have proven they can help people who wish to end a variety of the most tenacious addictions.

Psychedelics Treating Problematic Drug and Alcohol Use

Psilocybin and Tobacco Addiction

Therapeutic Psilocybin

5) Better mental health. Plant medicines, when properly used, make a significant contribution to the maintenance of good mental health, and to the success of therapeutic interventions. Mental health problems like addiction, suicide, overdose, depression, and anxiety are currently present at high levels; plant medicines can be helpful.

6) Positive environmental benefit. Consciousness exploration using plants tends to restore a bond between people and the natural world. This impulse helped generate the modern environmental movement. The experience of connection with nature can create movement forward for adopting solutions to environmental disasters like global warming.

7) A strongly positive scientific and research base.

Treatment for Anxiety from Autism and from Advanced Cancer

Conclusive Research for Mental Health

Positive Changes in Attitude; Deep Personal Meaning

8) We want equitable access to entheogenic plants. People must ultimately be allowed to cultivate their own plants and fungi.

9) We seek to include authentic indigenous people and plants, and animals in our resolution.

10) Safe and responsible practice. We will work actively to encourage safe and responsible practice through the development and dissemination of educational materials.

Resources from Michigan Psychedelic Society


“This effort is all about one thing, the manifestation of love. If prescriptions, if wealth, if religion, if self-help books, if more and more technology were helping the masses to get closer to oneness, then why is there so much pain and suffering?”

Question: Why decriminalize psychedelic plants?

Answer: freedom, healing and teaching