September 17, 2020
Ann Arbor council to vote on decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms, plants
September 15, 2020
Since the 1970s, Ann Arbor has been a national leader for progressive marijuana laws. Could psychedelic “magic mushrooms” be next?
September 17, 2020
Ann Arbor council members push to decriminalize magic mushrooms
March 4, 2020
The world needs healing, psychedelic drug advocates tell Ann Arbor council

DNA2 speaks in front of city council

February 6, 2020
“The clinical and scientific evidence for the many entheogens is weighty and ever-accumulating, and this is being recognized… across the country”

Ann Arbor aims to destigmatize psychedelics

February 1, 2020
Santa Cruz Is Third U.S. City To Decriminalize Psilocybin, Plant Medicine, As Advocacy Expands

Santa Cruz city council passes resolution unanimously

September 19 2019
Ann Arbor group aims to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, plants covers DNA2’s recent integration

June 5 2019
Oakland decriminalizes entheogens and natural psychedelics

Oakland, California quietly and consensusly decriminalizes entheogens 

May 9 2019
Denver becomes the first city to decriminalize psilocybe mushrooms

Denver, Colorado votes to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms.

September 21 2019
Dr. Bronner’s Donates $150,000 in Matching Funds to Support Signature Drive

“My family is no stranger to severe depression and anxiety.”

December 10 2017
Dying to get clean: is ibogaine the answer to heroin addiction?

At the age of 12, Jay was smoking cigarettes and weed; by 16, he was snorting coke; two years later he was taking heroin and crack – but he says by the time he left university he was a “functional drug addict”, able to get up in the morning, put a suit on, travel from his parents’ home in north London to his job as a banker in the City.

April 29 2019
The Existential Medicine

The diagnosis of Clark Martin’s liver cancer came at the same time as the birth of his daughter, with doctors informing the clinical psychologist that he likely had about a year and a half to live.

October 16 2017

New hope for opioid addicts with innovative ibogaine treatment

With the American death toll from opioid overdoses  topping 42,000 a year, we hear story after story of families doing everything they can to save their sons and daughters, and failing.

April 29 2019

The Oldest Representations Of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms In The World (Sahara Desert, 9000 – 7000 B.P.)

Rock paintings and incisions of the prehistoric periods are to be found all over the world, and serve as a testimony to the pre-literate history of human cultures.

October 12 2017

Many ex-opioid addicts credit ‘ibogaine’ with cure, but it’s illegal in US

October 01 2018

Why Doctors Want to Reclassify Psilocybin, the Drug That Puts the ‘Magic’ in Mushrooms

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University hope to eventually reclassify psilocybin from a schedule I to schedule IV drug, according to a news release from the research institution.

August 21 2013

Mind-altering drug could offer life free of heroin

I have been struggling with an addiction to opiates for the past three years. It started with prescription painkillers and progressed to full-blown heroin dependence.

August 08 2018

Which U.S. state will be the first to legalize shrooms?

It was nice to read that Jersey City has become the first city in the state to decriminalize marijuana.

April 29 2019

How some doctors are risking everything to unleash the healing power of MDMA, ayahuasca and other hallucinogens

Dr. X is a dad. Appropriately – boringly – at 4:37 p.m. on a national holiday, he is lighting a charcoal grill, about to grab a pair of tongs with one hand and a beer with the other.

June 05 2018

Psychedelic Medicine 101: Psilocybin and the magic of mushrooms

For decades certain drugs, initially used solely by doctors and researchers, have been ostracized from the world of legitimate science.

April 29 2019

I had an 11-year addiction to heroin — and I beat it with ayahuasca

I started taking the Amazonian psychedelic ayahuasca two years ago because I had an 11-year addiction to heroin I couldn’t shake. Photo: Darryl Dyck, Associated Press

May 25 2018

Fifteen years of crime reporting left me with PTSD. Magic mushrooms helped me begin to recover

My psychedelic experiences aimed at self-healing were transformative. In them, the same gunshot victims who had haunted my dreams now returned with a message of hope…

December 01 2018

Plant Hallucinogen Holds Hope for Diabetes Treatment

For centuries, some indigenous groups in South America have relied on a brew made from the parts of a local vine and a shrub. Credit: Lisa Johnson Getty Images

July 03 2018

Psychedelic ayahuasca works against severe depression, study finds

“Leon” is a young Brazilian man who has long struggled with depression. He keeps an anonymous blog, in Portuguese, where he describes the challenge of living with a mental illness that affects some 300 million people worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.