Executive Committee

Julie Barron

Executive Director

– Julie has a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Michigan and Masters Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology & Music Therapy from Naropa University. To become a Board Certified Music Therapist (MT-BC) and Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Julie practiced under the supervision of Betty Canon PhD at Boulder Psychotherapy Institute. Julie had a private practice and did contract work with Children’s Hospital Denver, Boulder Valley School District, TEENS, Inc. Youth & Family Center, The Colorado Institute of Developmental Pediatrics, Chinook West Alternative High School, and others.

– Currently Julie is the Founder and President of the Michigan Psychedelic Society, Founder and Director of Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor, Owner & Clinician at Transpersonal Michigan, Cannabis Counselor and Educational Director at Blue Sage Health Consulting, and Clinical Ketamine Therapist at Michigan Progressive Health. For over 25 years Julie has done extensive research and training in the health benefits and use of entheogens. Julie is devoted to helping clients find healing and relief as they incorporate these alternative practices into wellness.

Charles Ream

Political Advisor

– Chuck Ream is the Executive Director of the Safer Michigan Coalition. He’s 33-year kindergarten teacher and 20-year elected Scio Township trustee. Chuck won medical marijuana for Ann Arbor in 2004, along with many other local city victories for cannabis policy reform. Chuck received High Times Magazine’s Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a MI Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). A founding board member of “MILegalize”, he helped create the victory for cannabis legalization in Michigan in 2018. Chuck is currently working on adult social use policy for cannabis.

Myc Williams

Director of Communication

– Michael Williams (aka Myc O. Phile) recently graduated from Ferris State University with his B.S. in Applied Speech Communication with a Public Advocacy Concentration and Minor in Philosophy. He plans to return to school after the 2020 election to finish the last year of his chemistry degree and pursue a Masters in Communication. On campus he has been a member of over a dozen student organizations, and was a founding member of the FSU Mycology Club, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Ferris State, and the Bulldog Sustainability Alliance.

– Myc currently sits on the Board of Directors for both Students for Sensible Drug Policy and Michigan Psychedelic Society, and is the Interim Vice President of Michigan Dancesafe. He also serves on the board of the Mecosta County Rural Opioid Prevention Network.

– Other notable involvement as an environmental and drug policy activist includes:

– Working on cannabis reform campaigns in Michigan since 2007, serving as the Mecosta County volunteer leader for MILegalize from 2015-2018, and Spring 2018 campaign intern; Former 4th district board member for the MDP Cannabis Caucus; Current member of MDP State Central Committee; Training with former Vice President Al Gore for The Climate Reality Project; Registering over 1000 voters as 2018 Ferris; Former Director of Operations for The High Five Program

– In his spare time, Myc enjoys teaching others the joys of mycology, making music, and working at music festivals providing sustainability solutions and/or harm reduction services.

Steering Committee

Colin MacDougall


– Colin MacDougall is a member of the steering committee for Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor. He’s been an enthusiastic and dedicated cannabis activist since 2015. Colin has been active in sensible drug policy reform and has worked with Motor City NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policy), MI Legalize, CRMLA (Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol), and Dana Nessel’s campaign for Attorney General for MI.

– Michigan NORML recognized Colin with an Outstanding Achievement Award for being one of the top petitioners in the state. Colin currently works as a legislative aide at the Wayne County Commission, and as a budtender at Bloom City Club. Colin is passionate about reforming drug, environmental, and other justice policies. Colin is also a board member of the Michigan Psychedelic Society.

Baba Kilindi Iyi

– Head Instructor and Technical Advisor at the Tamerrian Institute. A world traveler and mycologist, Kilindi has presented on the subject of psilocybin as far north as Norway and as far south as Australia. Kilindi brings decades worth of traveling in novel states of consciousness to share, coupled with the skills of master cultivator of exotic mushrooms lends a power and authenticity to his presentations. Kilindi remains a student teacher and advocate for the hallucinogenic experience.

Jim Salame

– Jim Salame is a native of Michigan and graduate of Michigan State University. He is a big advocate for plant medicines and is humbled to be helping the movement.

– He has worked in several vastly different industries over the years. As an artist, he worked in Hollywood for major studios and spent many nights singing at Jazz clubs. Jim dabbled in corporate start-ups and also worked at Apple Inc after the release of the first iPhone. As General Manager of the Ann Arbor cannabis dispensary, Om of Medicine, he helped build an amazing company, while also organizing fundraising and other events for cannabis activism. After leaving the cannabis industry, Jim joined up with Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor in September 2019 to help with fundraising and decriminalization nature efforts. In 2020, Jim created The Entheo Show to help assist the movement in Michigan and to act as a lead-in to organize the 1st annual Entheofest occurring in Ann Arbor in the Fall of 2021. Jim has been known to travel farther south for Ayahuasca and other plant medicine ceremonies.

Nick Zettell

– Nick has served in several leadership roles including campaign manager and sharpened his skills in public speaking, event planning, communications and political messaging. He is a firm believer in the importance of cannabis for shaping positive cultural and political change. He has been in charge of persuasion campaigns, speech writing, daily email blasts, event management, and community engagement. Nick has worked exclusively in Michigan’s cannabis sector since 2014.

– Born and raised in Michigan, Nick has been an ardent and active supporter of cannabis policy reform since his time as an undergrad at the University of Michigan where he headed up the local chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy.

– While a student Nick became the lead event manager and creative director for the Ann Arbor Hash Bash Rally. Shortly after graduation, Nick co-founded the MI Legalize board in 2015 with the goal of finally legalizing cannabis for adult use.

Ramzy Abueita

– Ramzy Abueita has a B.S. in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience from the University of Michigan. He is a political activist and works in the clinical research industry. He is passionate about the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy of mind, Eastern philosophies, personal growth and spiritual development and how psychedelics can tie it all together. He has presented about the neuroscience and neurobiology of psychedelics to the Center for Consciousness Science at the University of Michigan Medical School and the Michigan Psychedelic Society.

Christopher Kurtz

– Chris grew up in and around Ann Arbor. He has degrees in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Business Management. He has participated in many social entrepreneurship projects, including urban farming plots in New Orleans, and travelling with Habitat for Humanity. He has worked for KCAN (Kalamazoo Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention). He built the DNA2 website. He enjoys training and bonding with his two dogs through exhaustion. He also ferments foods, trying to learn about the connection between stomach and mind.

– Chris has found incredible healing with these medicines, physically, mentally, and spiritually. He has been compelled to explore his mind and push boundaries, and this has led to the deep realization that we need to build new bridges, rather than point out what is wrong with the world. He is learning how to use these medicines to help people overcome their traumas, addiction, and depression. He plans on working with therapists and teachers to open a healing center for entheogens in Michigan.