DNA2’s Tips and Guidelines for How to Reach Out To City Council

  1. 1. One-Click to support Decriminalize Nature Ann Arbor (DNA2) and the movement to decriminalize entheogens:
  2. https://action.ssdp.org/7CVwhbN

2. No matter where you live you can make a public e-comment for council to view. Please do this before Monday:

a) Register to make e-comment: (You must register or the comment will not go through)


b) Go to your email to confirm email address

c) After confirming the email address it should take you to the page where you can click on various meetings of the city. Click on city council meeting Sept 21


  1. 3. Familiarize yourself with our resolution before speaking with your council members. Feel free to reach out to us if you don’t understand something.
  2. https://dna2.org/index.php/resolution-3/

  3. 4. Familiarize yourself with DNA2’s 10 talking points. This will help you highlight the important parts of the resolution. https://dna2.org/index.php/whydecrim/

5. Here is the contact info for A2 city council:  https://www.a2gov.org/departments/city-council/pages/home.aspx

6. To find which ward you live in: https://gisappsecure.ewashtenaw.org/Html5Viewer_2_10/index.html?viewer=A2Clerk.AnnArborClerk

7. Do some research on the council member(s) that you will speak to so that you know what issues are important to them. Then you can highlight these points when speaking to them.

8. If you are comfortable doing so, share a personal story (or story of someone you know) that describes the benefits of psychedelics and why it is so important to you and our city.

9. If you live in the city of Ann Arbor, please reach out to your council member(s) in person. Eye to eye is the best way to make this contact. Feel free to bring someone else with you, maybe another DNA2 supporter in your ward, maybe another DNA2 community member or committee member. We can definitely help you find the others in your ward and/or find someone to go with you if you prefer not to go alone. Email us for help with this decrimnaturea2@gmail.com. If are completely unable to go in person, send a letter. Next best would be to send an email and 3rd best is a phone call.

  1. 10. If you do not live in the city of Ann Arbor, send a letter or an email.