Action Alert:
Our bill, SB0631, has been introduced to the state senate!

Join us for the inaugural Entheofest!

The Entheofest is a free speech event celebrating sacred plant medicine. This will be an annual event commemorating the anniversary of Ann Arbor’s resolution to decriminalize entheogen plants and fungi.

September 19, 2021 at the Diag, Ann Arbor, MI

(UofM campus on steps of Hatcher graduate library)

11:11am – 2:22pm

This is a free event.

Decriminalize Nature Michigan

DNA2 is now focusing its efforts on a statewide movement called Decriminalize Nature Michigan. Our goal is to assist other Michigan cities in their decriminalization process, and to see entheogens decriminalized at a statewide level.

Plant Power to the People

– Spear of the Nation (feat. Gabor Mate)

Ann Arbor City Council Passes the Vote Unanimously

Ann Arbor City Council Meeting 9/21/20

Public Comment

I support the decriminalization of entheogenic plants. I believe the War on Drugs has been an abject failure, and I see no reason to criminalize–or prosecute–people for their use of such plants. That was my position before the Ann Arbor City Council resolution, and it’s true with even greater force afterwards.

The truth of the matter is, the vast majority of people who engage in substance use are able to do so without criminal consequences. But for an unlucky few, their decision to use substances results in harsh, life-changing penalties. The War on Drugs has thus created a cruel roulette wheel of sorts. And it’s a weighted wheel, as the data clearly shows that Black people and people of color are far more likely to face criminal consequences related to drug use than white people.

The Ann Arbor City Council resolution of course applies only in Ann Arbor. But, consistent with the resolution, I do not plan to prosecute the use or possession of entheogenic plants in any other part of the county.

– Eli Savit, Washtenaw County Prosecutor


To improve human health and societal well-being by decriminalizing and expanding access to entheogenic plants and fungi through political and community education and advocacy.


We envision happier, healthier individuals and communities reconnected to nature and entheogenic traditions and practices.

Purpose Statement

To decriminalize entheogenic plants, restore our root connection to nature, and improve human health, hope, and well-being.

What is an entheogen?

A class of psychoactive substances that, when ingested, induces a non-ordinary state of consciousness for therapeutic, medicinal, spiritual, or religious purposes.

Psilocybe Mushroom

  • Respected as a safe & natural healing sacrament for millennia throughout Mexico, Central America and the world.
  • Beneficial for depression & recidivism
  • Encourages openness, creativity, and spiritual growth
  • John Hopkins: Top 5 most meaningful experiences
  • UCLA & NYU: Treating end-of-life anxiety


  • Honored as sacred plants for thousands of years throughout the Americas
  • Central to traditional religious and healing practices
  • Considered a sacrament by many
  • Beneficial for the treatment of alcoholism


  • From Central Africa through Gabon, iboga is revered for initiatory rites of passage involving encounters with ancestors from the spirit realm
  • Beneficial for treatment-resistant opiate and methamphetamine addiction


  • Over 75 indigenous groups in the Amazonian basin respect ayahuasca as a sacred “plant teacher”
  • Beneficial for depression, addiction, anxiety, and PTSD
  • Ayahuasca treatment in Brazilian prison population reduces recidivism
  • Benefits creativity, openness, and spiritual growth